About Gill

Left: Gill third from left with students at the Eden Project EARTH QUAKE Event April 2012

University of Loughborough 1975 – Art and Design
University of Leicester  1985-1987 – Advanced Certificate in Theological and Pastoral Studies
University of Leicester  1990-1993 BA (Hons) 2:I Humanities
University of Plymouth 2007-2010 Fine Art Diploma

Gill teaches nationally accredited courses in Fibrecraft/textiles, drawing and painting at Bicton College;  she also runs private workshops and is available for lectures and demonstrations.  In the last 7 years at Bicton, her students have progressed to : HE Foundation Degree, Fine Art and Surface Design;  others have received commissions and exhibit at shows.


Institute of Higher Education Academies (University of Plymouth)
Norman Lockyer Observatory www.normanlockyer.org.
International Faulkes Telescope project www.faulkes-telescope.com
International Felt Makers Association www.feltmakers.com
Victorian Feltmakers Inc (Melbourne, Australia)  www.vicfelt.org
Friend of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Art (www.southwestacademy.co.uk)

Academic Influences include:

DELEUZE AND GUITTARI theory of smooth and striated space;  this  socio-political theory of the humanities  can be interpreted in the process of ‘nuno’ felt.  They argue that historically, human beings occupy  two types of space  the smooth and the striated.  

Striated space is gridded, linear, metric, state space
Smooth space is open-ended, non linear, haptic, nomadic

Nomads  inhabit smooth space,  of the desert, steppe, and feltmaking which is a haptic process and  resist the political restrictions of the city.

By contrast  to  striated space (textile fabric) represents  State-oriented, structure, maths, music, the  sedentary, the settled and organised

Deleuze and Guattari were concerned that there should be a mode of existence where individuals overcome repressive modern forms of identity - striated and motionless state -  to become desiring nomads in constant process of becoming and transformation. They locate the nomads within urban space  - that is the  smooth  and striated  playing off one another in a constant dialectic tension.  They anticipate the city is the smooth- striated space par excellence ...

Gill uses the potential of nuno felt to convey this enlightening and intriguing message on the creative stage, metaphorically linking nuno felt with the development of human relationships. The striated fabric and the smooth fibre are mutually dependant.  As Deleuze and Guattari contend,  the smooth and striated  are vital to each others existence.

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