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Heritage Wrap
Nuno and the Fine Art of Felt Making
Heritage Wrap

Inherited fabrics, threads, fibres and other beloved materials can (often) be incorporated into an heirloom wrap (or picture).

Merino fibres secure the fragile fabrics through gentle hand-rolled wet-felting.

This 1950s wedding veil had become hydroscopic and disintegrated when handled, but with sensitive handling has been incorporated into this wrap along with other treasured lace from family sewing boxes or retrieved from the treasure chest in the loft.

Approximately 7 hours application and design time  - however  the design  does not begin in the studio but at the concept stage  months before. 
I usually  advocate sampling for any commission, but when using a limited amount of heritage fabrics this is not possible.
Placing the relevant pieces appropriately on the silk chiffon  and ensuring the integrity of the  fragile lace was not compromised in the overall heirloom effect by the dominance of other added fabrics was important. Two of the four pieces of veil were placed either side at the front and two in the back of the wrap.