Welcome to my website 

University of Loughborough - Art and Design

University of Leicester - Advanced Diploma, Theology

Unuiversity of Leicester - BA (Hons) 2:1 Humanities

University of Plymouth, PGCE

University of Plymouth Fine Art (Dip)

Advanced studies in Australian Art History


Grant for concept that felt making, the process and product is a metaphor for social diversity; 2010, local craft counci community workshops

Craft Advisor to Creative and Cultural Skills (CCS) and contributor at Crafts Council Manifesto Launch, Palace of Westminster 2014

Commissioned to paint backdrops, as Artist in Residence,  for Bicton College Horticultural Show

Cornwall College Group "Young Peoples Refectory" paintings  at Bicton College    www.artuk.org

Taught for many years before concentrating fully on personal art practice working from her studio at home

Studied - self managed - drawing and painting:

London Fine Art Studios  (LFAS)  Certificated

Newlyn School of Art

Will Kemp Art School

Winslow Art Center, Bainbridge Island, Canada;Tutors:  Christine La Fuente, Ingrid Christensen, Tracey Everley, Anne Blair Brown, Aimee Erickson et al


Devon Artist Network

Blake Society

:Lockyer Observatory (influnces deep space photography)